Thank you to everyone who bought my buttons at the Knitting and Stitching show.  I have a busy time ahead restocking and as a result some of my designs are out of stock.  If you want some of the out of stock items, please click on the link on the relevant button page to enter your email.  You will be the first to know when they are back in stock.  Apologies too if you order and I don't have the item - I have tried to update the stock levels on this site to reflect what I have, but I am sure to have missed some!

Every button I make is handmade and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns - perfect as the finishing touch for your project. Decoration ranges from tiny prints with a vintage feel to natural motifs such as flowers, birds and bees. All my buttons can be machine washed


Ceramic jewellery is a natural extension to my button making. I have a selection of ceramic pendants for sale under the jewellery tab but any button design can be made as a pendant.  If you see a button pattern that you'd like to have made as a pendant, click here to drop me a line.  

Shop with confidence...

1. All my buttons are machine washable (washing instructions supplied). 2. If an item is in stock it will be despatched within 24 hours. 3. All orders are securely processed through PayPal.